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No-Code conversational commerce for WhatsApp

Handle WhatsApp conversations as a pro team using 2Chat to automate Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support. Design conversation flows, send notifications and leave your WhatsApp channel on autopilot.

Amaze your customers by automating your WhatsApp channel today

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2chat’s power

How it works

keep the number your customers already know

Connect your existing number

Unlike other products, we give you the option of connecting your existing WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to 2Chat. Just scan the QR code like you would do with WhatsApp Web and you’ll be ready to go in seconds.

Reporting that makes sense

Measure, track, improve

What are the most common topics your customers are texting you about? Did any of your employees mistreat a customer on chat? Are you answering chats too slowly and losing sales?

We can show you all of that, and more.

We adapt to you as a 1-person team or with hundreds of people

Multi-device & multi-agent

No limits on the number of agents or employees you can have answering chats simultaneously. You can scale your team seamlessly and always be present for your customers.

get all your customer requests in a single place

Add a WhatsApp Button to your website

With just a few steps and absolutely free, make yourself available to your customers through one of the largest messaging platforms in the world.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use my existing WhatsApp number?

Yes. 2Chat uses the WhatsApp Web protocol to connect to your number making it possible to use your already installed Personal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

Will the WhatsApp app continue to work?

Yes. Nothing will change for you except that you will now be able to send and receive messages on 2Chat as well.

Do I need to migrate my number over to 2Chat?

No. We make it as simple as scanning a QR code exactly as you would connect to WhatsApp web.

What happens if I decide to leave 2Chat?

You can disconnect 2Chat from your number at any time either from our application or by revoking our access using the official WhatsApp application. Once you disconnect and delete your number from our system, all of the accompanying data including conversations and logs will be deleted as well without affecting the conversations stored in your phone.

You have full control over your number at all times.

Why are you much cheaper than your competitors?

Most of our competitors connect to WhatsApp via third-party services that charge a fee that constitutes a substantial part of their final pricing. At 2Chat, we created our own APIs and connect directly to Meta/WhatsApp making us much more affordable as a result.