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Automated human-like Shopify chatbots

Our bot can analyze your Shopify site, understand it, and start answering your customers' questions immediately like a human.

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An automated search engine and a chatbot trained exclusively with your store's data.

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2chat’s power

How it works

your own search engine that can talk like a person

Reads, understands, responds.

1. We scrape your store looking for articles and public information.
2. We use that content to train the Chatbot and the Search Engine.
3. We produce bots that start answering questions automatically.

It's zero touch. You don't have to configure or update anything. The bot will update itself by regularly checking you shop's site for new information.

Reporting that makes sense

Measure, track, improve.

What are the most common topics your customers are texting you about? Did any of your employees mistreated a customer on chat? We can show you all of that, and more.

a chat widget for your SITE, FB MESSENGER, SMS & MORE

Online where your customers are.

Offer a fluid conversation to your customer on the channel they prefer the most, be that on your site, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS. Google and Apple Business Chat coming soon.

get all your customer requests in a single place

Connect your existing WhatsApp number

Start sending notifications and replying to customer inquiries using the WhatsApp number your customers already know. Connect it to 2Chat in seconds.

No migration to WhatsApp Business API required.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I try 2Chat?

You can sign up for a free trial and follow the recommendations suggested by the app. You don't need to connect 2Chat to your Shopify store right away to get a grasp of the product, but we encourage it in order to receive the full experience of what we can do for you.

How is this different to other chatbot solutions?

We are an Artificial Intelligence company focused on making Customer Support excellent for your customers. Chatbots for us are just a feature. We are in business to solve the problem of making machines augment humans.

A search engine and a chatbot?

That's right. When the bot doesn't have an answer to a question your customer asked, it can read your site and look for answers there. If it finds it, great, and if it doesn't you can be handed the conversation as live chat or email ticket, see in the reports about these questions you don't have answers to, and update your website accordingly.

Can I use this in a non-Shopify store?

Not at the moment, but soon that will become possible as well. We are working on other connectors like Zendesk and WooCommerce. Sign up to our newsletter to get notified when we launch these and other cool connectors.

I hate chatbots. Why would my customers like it?

Chatbots that try to be too clever are usually very annoying and can frustrate your customers, we hate them too. That's why we took a different approach and we specialized ours on e-commerce and added a search engine to it so that it can really be useful instead of an annoyance to your customers.

How do you protect my data?

We index your website and create bots based on content that is already public to your customers, and when it comes to conversation data, we store it encrypted in servers located in the United States. The data you generate belongs to you and we never share it or sell it.